YACHTNEEDS is the ideal app for crew, owners and captains!

YACHTNEEDS is the ideal app for crew, owners and captains!

YACHTNEEDS is the first free superyacht app built around the everyday needs of the yachting community. Using geo-positioned technology the app can tell where you are and will automatically supply you with the best English speaking local contacts you need in the port you are moored in or heading too.

Its simple, use the search function and find all the information you need by keyword search, or voice activation search, or selecting the department you work in.

Find services like the finest restaurants, limousine services, cocktail bars and wine suppliers along side, engine parts, plumbers and carpet cleaners, plus useful information like local taxi numbers, dentists and international banks.

If you are out at anchor the app will automatically give you that areas local jet-ski rules so you can make sure crew and guests abide by any local restrictions.


Currently YACHTNEEDS provides you with over 480 ports and their full contact details and amenities, 16000 geo-positioned businesses in the Med, Caribbean and Americas and soon to be Asia/ Pacific.

Its all about giving people fast and efficient information wherever they are in the world.

There is a dedicated “deals” section, where users can find the best local suppliers and services at a discounted rate if you mention YACHTNEEDS. There is no where else that you can you find these kind of discounts!

Crew Feature

YACHTNEEDS had an incredible social function (referred to as Tinder for Yachties). It works by showing a network of people in your location or further afield. You can chat live with other yacht crew in your area, or if you are a yacht owner or captain or crew-member looking for day workers in your location or your next port of call, then look in the chat section for crew that have an “orange box” around their image. This means they are actively looking for work. This feature expires every night at midnight so you know the users are available real time.

YACHTNEEDS has fast become the most used superyacht app and continues to grow in strength. These next months will see some huge new features like adding a YACHTLIFE button. In this section we will have all the latest superyacht crew jobs currently available. Users can apply for the jobs with one click and the photo and details they have put in to their YACHTNEEDS profile will make up a personal application for those roles. All jobs will have a 15-20 day expiry date so will stay current, the crew agent or captain that posted the job can then use the chat function on the app to chat directly to potential candidates who apply, or choose to email them directly. You don’t have to be a Crew Placement to post on here, anyone can submit a job via the app and it will be live in a few hours.

YPICrew1 - Copie

And that’s not all… The ‘cherry on the cake’ function for this new section of the app is being kept under wraps for the moment; but rest assured YACHTNEEDS plan to revolutionize what crew have to do to apply for their next yacht job, and it will all be up and running ready for the start of the US/Caribbean season… Exciting times ahead!
Keep an eye on the YACHTNEEDS Facebook page for all the latest updates and find the incredible “deals” businesses are offering crew.


Company history

Founder of YACHTNEEDS, Tony Ryan was born in Auckland, New Zealand and studied Graphic Design and Animation at Natcoll University, Auckland.

Tony discovered the yachting industry and then spent six years working on board superyachts around the world.

The concept for YACHTNEEDS came up about a year ago when Tony was in Port Vendres, France. It is a very small port and none of the crew had been there before. Trying to find the local supermarket and chandlers turned into a nightmare especially when charter guests were due to arrive at any moment.

During this frustrating time Tony announced to his crew mates, “There needs to be an app that hosts every superyacht port with all the local information, emergency numbers, jetski rules and regs, local services for guests and crew, taxi numbers – Why has no one done this already!”

After a few months of thinking about this idea, YACHTNEEDS was born. Tony commented,
“Leaving life on board to grow YACHTNEEDS was a huge decision for me, but in the back of my mind I knew it needed to be done. I may even go back to working on yachts in the future, I love life at sea and yachting will always be there. However I have taken the leap and created YACHTNEEDS, developed a fantastic team working across Europe and the USA and for now this is my full time project.”



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