Yachting Salary Secrets Revealed

Yachting Salary Secrets Revealed

YPI CREW, based in South of France, in Antibes just launched a new peer-to-peer salary comparison website for the yachting industry, to increase the level of transparency – Discover the real yachting salary.

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In just a few weeks the website attracted over 100 salaries entries, quickly becoming one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date salary data available for the yachting business. The best part is that it is accessible for anyone.

The director of YPI CREW explains: We wanted to take the traditional paper-based salary survey to a whole new level. We are often asked by captains working on their annual budget for salary information and likewise, many candidates ask for advice; We have always felt frustrated with the yearly salary review we used to produce as the salary ranges presented were so broad that in reality they were of little use. We realised that there is a real trend for people to freely exchange valuable information and this current concept taps into that trend”. The website operates on a give to get model. By simply sharing information about your current position, you can access all the salary information provided on the website, in an anonymous way.

Yachting Salary (4)The system relies on the honesty of its members. There is absolutely no incetive for contributor to lie about what they earn. Additionally unrealistic salaries can be flagged by other members of the yachting community or by the YPI CREW team. This misleading information will be removed to ensure the accuracy of the data. Despite of using the average the website makes an extensive use of the median to report cumulative salary results, helping to lessen the impact of any ‘extreme’ salary entries.

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The service has been extremely well received: “We have been overwhelmed by the response to the site so far,” explains Laurence, “People have contacted us to say how grateful they are to finally have access to a salary resource that considers more than just a person’s job title and size of yacht.

An other interesting aspect of the website is the daily actualization of the data, providing always accurate salary data. Laurence concludes: “As salary entries to the site continue to grow each day beyond the 323 salaries we’ve already captured, our hope is that the site becomes a rich and indispensable research resource that is continually referred to by yacht crew seeking work and employers alike.”

To visit the site to contribute your salary or conduct a free search of the salary database, go to www.yachtingsalaries.com

YPI CREW is the go-to yacht crew agency based in Antibes, sourcing, selecting and placing crew word wild from Deckhands to Captains.
YPI CREW was established in 2002 and has a team of 10 specialist recruiters with an excellent knowledge of their market and it’s key players.



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