Westport’s 125′ Will Be Their First New Model Since New Owners Took Over Company

Westport’s 125′ Will Be Their First New Model Since New Owners Took Over Company

I have not doubt that the Westport 125′ will be a nice yacht and I look forward to seeing her completed.  It’s interesting to me that they say they will keep the 112′ and 130′.  125′ and 130′ will be too close in both size, price and operating expense to attract different buyers in the marketplace.  I’m sure the 130′ will become a 135′ – 140′ to gain some distance in size and price from the 125′. Plus a 135′-140′ would help separate the new models from the current 130 preowned models.  MegayachtNews gives us all the details on the yacht below.

Here’s your first look at the Westport 125, which solves a “space versus size” problem for some current Westport megayacht customers. The same solution should hold true for owners coming out of other brands.

If you’re wondering why the Washington State builder would introduce the Westport 125 when it already offers the Westport 130, take a good look at the profile. This is a two-deck yacht. She’s a direct response to the discomfort some Westport 112 owners have expressed about stepping up to the next model. Indeed, according to Daryl Wakefield, president of Westport,” some clients are just not yet ready to jump to a trideck.”

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