Video: See 274′ SAVANNAH, The Most Awarded Superyacht Of 2016

Video: See 274′ SAVANNAH, The Most Awarded Superyacht Of 2016

Savannah completes a clean sweep of industry awards in 2016.

Savannah has won the International Superyacht Society award for Best Power 65m+, giving this 83.50-metre (274′) custom motoryacht a clean sweep of all the top superyacht industry awards at the 26th edition of ISS’s Awards Gala in Fort Lauderdale. This superb achievement is a testimony to the visionary owner and his partnership with Feadship and CGDesign in creating the world’s first hybrid motor-megayacht.

Savannah had previously taken home prestigious Show Boats Design Awards for ‘best exterior’ and ‘best interior’ as well as the ‘holistic award’. Also in the trophy cabinet is the Neptune prize for the World Superyacht Award in her category and, of course, the World Superyacht ‘Motoryacht of the Year’ award. [via Feadship]

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