Two Unforgettable Turkey Yacht Charter Experiences

Two Unforgettable Turkey Yacht Charter Experiences

Lively culture, fantastic weather and picturesque landscapes await you in Turkey. The country’s stunning medieval towns, secluded bays and lush green hillsides make the perfect background to any luxury escape. Meanwhile, its Turquoise Riviera has long acted as a cultural crossroad and maritime trading hotspot for various empires, meaning that today there is a rich tapestry of attractions to explore when renting a yacht in Turkey.

For those who like their charter a cut above the rest, Turkey’s sprawling land and distinct culture allow for unique experiences, which can be woven into your chosen route to create a completely bespoke sojourn just for you. From visiting a must-see UNESCO site in your own personal hot air balloon to taking a private Turkish cookery lesson onboard your yacht, YACHTZOO’s exciting new charters in Turkey offer experiences like no other. Below, we explore just two of them.

Glide over natural wonders in a hot air balloon

Just a 45-minute helicopter ride inland from the coastal town of Kusadasi lies the natural phenomenon of Pamukkale, a dreamlike series of white, chalky limestone pools. These pools, formed over many centuries as local seismic activity has caused hot springs to rise up from the local river basin, are a must-see Turkish attraction.

In previous years it was possible to bathe in Pamukkale’s warm waters, but its UNESCO World Heritage status protects the pools meaning this is no longer an option. Luckily, there are many other luxurious ways of experiencing them. One of the most peaceful, private and majestic ways of seeing the Pamukkale terraces is from the air, either by helicopter or – for those who enjoy a more sedate pace – by hot air balloon. Wake early and set off on the short helicopter flight from your Turkey yacht charter to Pamukkale just after sunrise. Your hot air balloon will be waiting, ready to lift you up above the valley and show you draw-dropping views of the watery wonderland below. Whilst you take it all in, enjoy a picnic breakfast prepared by the yacht’s chef, complete with celebratory mimosas to toast the incredible sights.

After your two-hour ride has come to an end head over to neighbouring Hierapolis, a sacred Roman spa city founded all the way back in 190BC. Hierapolis was inhabited until the 14th-century, when it was abandoned after an earthquake. Its ruins give a fascinating insight into ancient life. Here, an expert guide will show you around the site attractions, including the remarkably well-preserved theatre and its vast necropolis containing elaborate tombs.

Then step back onto your helicopter, your head filled with the incredible sights of the morning. As you arrive back to your Turkey yacht charter, it’s time for a late lunch and an afternoon filled with whatever you desire, be it relaxing in the hot tub or engaging in some gentle water sports, before heading ashore to experience the local nightlife. Renting a yacht in Turkey doesn’t get much more perfect than that.


Become a Turkish culinary master

Superb local cuisine is one of the allures of renting a yacht in Turkey; the country’s eastern influences and extremely fresh produce make for a range of exquisite, aromatic national dishes. With food playing such a major role in Turkish culture, one of the best ways to immerse yourself is by taking a cookery class with a local professional chef.

Your yacht’s own chef will take care of all the preparations alongside the visiting cook, heading to the market that morning to select the freshest and finest ingredients for a delicious menu that you have chosen beforehand. For an even more hands-on experience you can join them for this excursion, but feel free to indulge in a morning of relaxation instead!

As afternoon comes, head down to the galley, pull on an apron and prepare for a fascinating cookery lesson like no other. Your specially-selected guest chef will take you through the history of spices and cooking in Turkey as you learn to prepare traditional Turkish culinary delights. There is even the opportunity for any children on your yacht to participate, giving them an exciting and immersive cultural experience.

It’s unlikely you will do any other cooking during your charter, with the yacht’s own chef always at your service and so many delicious restaurants to try ashore. However, when your yacht chartering in Turkey comes to an end these exceptional culinary skills will stay with you, ready to wow friends and family back at home. This experience is a truly valuable souvenir that will last a lifetime.

Interested in indulging in one of these incredible experiences from the comfort of a rented yacht in Turkey? YACHTZOO has experiences all over the Med, including submersible wreck-diving as you charter a yacht in Greece and stepping ashore to become Emperor for a day in Croatia’s Roman ruins.

Whatever you love to do, there is a yacht charter for you.




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