The reason behind waterfalls aboard superyachts

The reason behind waterfalls aboard superyachts

Owning a superyacht is the top of the luxury and status jar. Most of today’s superyachts are custom build by yards like Lurssen, Heesen, Feadship etc. One of the latest custom feature that owners want to add to their superyacht is waterfalls. “The big trend at the moment is that clients want bigger platforms to fit more guests and, at the same time, be closer to the water and the surrounding environment,” after Gioanola at Heesen Yachts. “They are wanting infinity pools, which are pools that give a visual effect of the water extending into the horizon, as well as waterfalls. The waterfalls look beautiful but they can also create a water banner, depending on the amount of water gushing, to enable a privacy shield.” It make it harder for paparazzi to get photos if your guests are politicians, royalty or stars. Additionally to the privacy the waterfall can be turned into a screen. Is there a better yachting experience than enjoying a movie on projected onto the water? [Via Business Insider ]



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