The New Oasis 80′ Is Completely Out Of This World

The New Oasis 80′ Is Completely Out Of This World

The OASIS 80′ takes yacht design straight into the future (Full disclosure, my brother Joe Lazzara is part of the team responsible for this amazing design).  You are about to see the potential of future yacht design.  Per square foot it is less to own, less to operate and more to experience than any yacht before.   The unique design affords an owner the same square footage of a 130′ in a yacht that is only 80′ in length.  In addition the amenities and specifically the toy storage capability on this amazing 80′ is something only seen on yachts 150’+.  As the trend in yacht design seems to increase only in length and costs, the new OASIS 80′ is a new direction, one that will have many rethinking just what a Superyacht is.

The OASIS project is from the hands of Lazzara Ombres Architects. A cross over design of a Power Catamaran with the toy capacity of a Shadow yacht. Creating anything unique in the yachting world is a tall order but OASIS has done just that.

“The innovation is the stepped layout and higher freeboard which achieves a flush, full beam, lower deck” says Joe Lazzara, a third generation yacht designer.
“This space is typically used for technical equipment on a traditional Catamaran hull”

The full beam (35.5’) owners apartment with fold down private balconies on each side allows the owner to be closer to the water. A master shower with privacy glass has an endless sight line of the water.

The flush lower deck results in a 900 sq ft. beach club. Home to a combination of toy options; an integrated 6,500 SWL telescoping crane makes launching a 28’ tender easy.

With a crew of 5 for 10 guests, thought when into how to store toys including an assortment of Fun Air products. “We consulted with Fun Air engineering for the best locations which allow toys to deploy quicker and have integrated compressors and compartments” said naval architect Ian Ombres.

“Hull maintains traditional Catamaran under carriage clearances but with a step hull to alleviate wave slamming and accommodate various load conditions while under way”

With a total combined sq. ft. of 5300, OASIS boasts more interior and exterior usable area than the average 130’ Tri-deck. See the graph below.

More information on OASIS will be announced at Ft. Lauderdale boat show. Contact




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