The Flying Foiler Gives Us A Preview Of Boatings Future

The Flying Foiler Gives Us A Preview Of Boatings Future

Are foils the future of boating? We’ve seen it change sailboat racing forever.  Are powerboats next? Im not sure but one thing I do know, either way they are damn cool to see.

The Foiler uses twin BMW 320hp engines and can reach speeds up to 40kts.  Its foils can be activated in sea conditions of 1.5m or less.  Any higher than that and you retract the fins and the boat rides on her own bottom like any other traditional boat.  There is a good Q&A page here, that answers a lot of questions you might have.

At the end of the day its great to see new concepts attempted, tried and tested.  I’m sure this isn’t the last foiling power boat we will see.  In fact, Princess Yachts, one of the largest yacht companies in the world is coming out with a new class of boat this year.  It’s being codeveloped with Ben Ainslie Racing Company, one of the foremost leaders in foling technology.  So perhaps foiling powerboats are going to be widespread sooner than we think.

Photo credits: Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson




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