Sycara IV: Contemporary Classic

Sycara IV: Contemporary Classic

If ever there was a missing link along the evolutionary chain from sail to power, fantail cruisers have a strong case. These graceful beauties with narrow stems, slender beam, and sweeping sterns echo the most seductive sheers and refinements from the thoroughbred lineage of sailing yachts.

While powerboats run the gamut from grimy work vessels to the exotic luxury of megayachts, fantails hark back to yachting’s shapely past from a treasured era when aesthetics were held in higher regard. Sycara IV, the culmination of a passionate 20 year quest by owners Ray and Elsie Catena, is the arrival of that classic charmer to the 21st century—the ideal blend of history with modern engineering and appointments.

“We always wanted a classic cruising yacht with stately old-world charm for inland passages and coastal cruising,” said Ray Catena. “After enjoying a fleet of older 30s yachts we knew we had to custom-build one, with modern systems and structural engineering, that retained the aesthetics of those presidential-style yachts we chartered.”

Article by Neil Rabinowitz

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