If your superyacht isn’t enough: get a an airship!

If your superyacht isn’t enough: get a an airship!

Geroge Lucian recently introduced an 140m steel superyacht that can accommodate a very particular tender, a 100m long airship. Named Flying Diamond ” The idea for the project came from my passion for yachting and my fascination with the airships that were flying in the early 20th Century, transporting passengers across the ocean in an very elegant and stylish manner with luxurious amenities on board,” stated George Lucian. The smooth line of the airship are contrasted by the powerful and aggressive lines of the mother-ship. The yacht also features a lot of exterior spaces, actually far enough to accommodate lounging area and tender storage. Down below the yacht can accommodate about 40 crew and 15 guests. The airship allows comfortable living for multiple day guests in a large lounge as well as suites and cabins for the owner. Crew quarters are also found aboard the flying yacht. The mother ship can generate the helium for the airship in sufficient quantity.

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