Oceanco present Sunny Memories a 295′ superyacht

Oceanco present Sunny Memories a 295′ superyacht

This glamourous 90-meters yacht has aerodynamic lines which give an impression of speed and power. Based on a proven 90m Oceanco hull platform, Sunny Memories can accommodate 12 guests in 5 luxurious guest cabins and a comprehensive Owners’ suite with private lobby, terraces and whirlpool, ensuite bathrooms and dressings, a TV room and a bar.  This sophisticated automotive styled yacht will no doubt turn heads when cruising the oceans.

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The yard comments about her: “Her lines are inspired by the ‘Belle Epoque’ period. Art Nouveau emerged from this period, which was characterised by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity and technological, scientific and cultural innovations. This unique and largely decorative art movement distinguished by its curvilinear forms and nature-inspired motifs, is what I wanted to sketch: elegant and sleek timeless exterior lines with classic and modern detailing. And still with my eyes closed, the dancing lines progressed into a beautiful superyacht design.”

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