This Stunning Skylounge 110′ Yacht Is On The Market At $5.2M

This Stunning Skylounge 110′ Yacht Is On The Market At $5.2M

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LOCATION: West Palm Beach

PRICE: $5,200,00

OVERVIEW: HALFTIME (a 2005 110′ Lazzara) is in absolute mint condition. She has 4 large staterooms, a great profile with Sky lounge and huge outdoors sun deck. Before taking a tour of HALFTIME consider her features and benefits: In absolute mint condition ( $250,000 ) spent in 2014. Without a doubt one of the top yachts available between 110 – 125 feet.  She recently came on the market at $5,200,000.  See full video tour of her below.  Click here to have full listing emailed to you. 


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