How to spend an amazing 24 hours in Formentera

How to spend an amazing 24 hours in Formentera

Formentera is the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret. Known as Ibiza’s tranquil little sister, it’s the smallest of the Spanish islands, and with its stretches of white sand, unspoilt coasts and azure waters, it’s really no exaggeration to call this place a paradise. The landscape itself has a distinct character – far from being simply a miniature version of Ibiza, this sensational island will transport you to the unblemished beaches of the Caribbean – without the long flight. With its endearingly tiny square footage (83km2, to be exact), 24 hours will give you just long enough to soak up the breathtaking scenery, enjoy the delicious local cuisine and bask in the sun on some of the most secluded and serene beaches in Europe. Those planning to rent a villa in Ibiza in 2017 should be sure to plan in a day in Formentera, which is only a short ferry ride away. Here’s how we’d spend 24 hours in Formentera.


Luxury Villa Rental in Formentera

Arise with the sun at Villa Federico, a luxury villa rental in Formentera that exudes Balearic style. From its hill top vantage point in a national park, the stunning property offers panoramic views of the stunning landscape of Formentera. Accommodating up to 8 guests, with private terraces in each guest bedroom and additional accommodation for children, Villa Federico is the perfect venue to host large families or groups of friends. The contemporary interior is minimalist in style and perfect in terms of functionality. One of the villa’s highlights is the indoor/outdoor cinema, which complements the scenic swimming pool.


Dive into Nature in the Morning

This island is famous for its crystal clear waters, which can mean only one thing: it’s heaven on earth for snorkelers. Arrive early and take a relaxing walk across the pristine sand, and, after a picnic breakfast on the beach, undertake an inspiring exploration of the island’s underwater sea life. Snorkelling and diving excursions are offered from the island, which will allow you to get the most of your experience – just remember to pack your underwater camera for that once in a lifetime snap.


Discover Authentic Formentera in the Afternoon

Take a trip to Sant Francesc to get a real feel for island life. The main square and fortress-church are picturesque, and visitors can browse the souvenir stalls at the hippy market, which sell handcrafted goods. The late afternoon is perfect for a visit to Illetes – an expansive, beautiful beach that can truly boast of being unspoilt. Far from feeling like a tourist magnet with sunbeds and bars, things are kept stripped back and simple (quite literally: most of the beaches on the island have a very relaxed approach to the wearing of swimsuits). This said, Juan y Andrea is a few metres from the beach and is one of Formentura’s best places to eat, so make sure to head there for lunch.


Dine under the Setting Sun in the Evening

Dine at Can Dani, Formentera’s only Michelin-starred restaurant. Set in the heart of the idyllic countryside, the peaceful restaurant offers a wholesome menu that reflects the Balearics’ interest in healthy living. Dishes are made using vegetables from the restaurant’s private vegetable patch. After dinner, take a moment to admire the spectacular setting sun – a celebrated occasion in this region of the Mediterranean. There’s nothing like watching the sun go down over the horizon of this dazzling island to make your worries melt away, so clear your mind and give yourself over to the awe-inspiring scenes.


Unwind with a Cocktail by Night

Visit the Gecko Beach Club for entertainment as the sky transforms into a star-filled masterpiece. The restaurant’s direct access to the beach evokes an affinity between luxurious exclusivity and the island’s spectacular environment. By night, the Gecko Beach Club becomes a stylish hangout for a discerning clientele. Formentera is a quiet island, in complete contrast to the bustling nightlife of its big sister, so you can enjoy tranquility and peace as the night draws in.




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