Smart Technology for Today’s Yachts

Smart Technology for Today’s Yachts

Smart technology within yachts has been continuously improving the sailing experience, making it more dynamic for those who love sailing and also more comfortable for guests who want to come along for the ride. Bloomberg even estimates the luxury yacht market to rake in more than $10 million in revenue by 2025, owing to the dozens of new developments coming out each year.

With so many tech innovations out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth your time. That said, read below for a quick primer on smart technology for yachts that are worth your attention.

Solar power

For those who consider themselves environmentally conscious, Serenity Yachts has come out with two models that run on solar power. Dubbed the Tesla of yachts, the Serenity 64 boasts 65 square meters of solar panels, while the Serenity 74 has 110 square meters. This means the Serenity 74 can luxuriously stay at a pace of 7 to 9 knots without sacrificing onboard amenities. This kind of electric cruising is a welcome change from the sound of rumbling engines, and Serenity Yacht promises that its smart home tech will become easily upgradable once the tech is ready.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants have been a landmark innovation in smart technology. According to Tech Writer Daniel Ling, a voice-controlled assistant is the first building block to a smart home. After all, these assistants can help you schedule tasks, monitor the weather, and connect your other devices. It’s, therefore, no wonder that smart yachts are now taking advantage of this tech to create a more streamlined, interactive experience for the end-user. Numarine’s Adonis system is a perfect example of this virtual assistant come to life, with features ranging from giving weather updates to guiding users through yoga workouts. It also has built-in facial recognition to create a true virtual concierge experience.

Security measures

As explained on Sail Magazine’s overview of boat monitoring systems, pressure mats and infrared lasers can work to detect unwanted visitors, and thereby alert you accordingly. Microwave technology supplements these devices by collecting data on how big and far away a certain intrusion is. As with the sensors, you can then enable detectors to sound off if an intruder is nearby. To add another layer of security, the Nautic Alert system works with thermal imaging capabilities to detect heat signatures around the boat and trigger alarms if certain parameters are passed.

IoT systems and software

While the Aston Martin Yacht 37 is a design powerhouse, it also boasts comprehensive onboard technology. The AM37 leverages IoT by syncing your yacht’s dashboard to your smartphone, allowing owners to access navigation and boat systems with ease. Users can even switch on air conditioning and champagne coolers right from their phone. What’s more, fingerprint recognition is used to enable secure access on all parts of the yacht.

We at Ocean of News understand the necessary importance of yacht upkeep to provide the best experience possible. Using smart technology can make your yacht perform ten times better, resulting in a better sailing experience that’s safer, too.



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