This is the only center console worth your time!

This is the only center console worth your time!

70 knots top speed. 900 horsepower. 4 tons. 0-50 knots in 5.5 seconds. Let that sink in. This Carbon Center Console is simply exceptional. In the USA, we are quite used to see 50′ centre console with more horsepower, such as the lastest hydra sports Suenos. Yet these yachts are a lot heavier, with a deeper draft and often quite basic finishes. The SAY carbon yachts is the opposite of that, well finished, shallow draft and extremely fast & versatile.

As soon as you step onboard you will feel the quality of built. Nothing moves or shakes, and it better not, because once at 70 knots things may get a bit rough. The deck is covered in high-quality teak and carbon fibre is apparent on the structure and hull.

The leather is finely stitched, providing with a supercar feel. The 5 saddles just aft of the console, are mounted on suspension, to ensure a comfortable ride to the passengers. The console features state of the art navigation system with a massive touchscreen.


Under the helm is a fridge and storage area, to keep your drinks cold and belonging safe when cruising at high speed. Forward is a lounging area, just aft of the cabin, on which guests can enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding seas while cruising. The cabin, while rather simple, features a sink, storage space, a head and convertible bed. The cabin can be extended on the owner’s request to offer to offer more comfort at night.

When going aft, you will find two massive sunbathers, with moveable backrest. Whether you are facing aft or forward you will be perfectly comfortable and won’t miss on the scenery. Completely aft, the swim platform is wide and features an automatic ladder,  built in inox and teak, and day shower. Once in the water, you won’t find any propellers, ideal for the kid’s safety. Indeed the version we had the pleasure to review was built with a jet drive. While the Say carbon yachts slightly loose on the acceleration, it increases safety and manoeuvrability.

While the quality of built and luxury features onboard are quite impressive, it remains far from the performances. When pushing the throttle forward, the yacht jumps out of the water, delivering all of its 900Hp. The Acceleration from 0-50knots is supercar frightening. Yet the seaworthiness and lightweight of the yacht truly helps to keep it safe. While breaching through one-meter waves, the boat remained safe at all time. Agility is a second important aspect of the yacht when the say carbon yachts is able to do a U-turn at 40 knots in just dozens of meters. While the yacht cannot capsize, the number of G is staggering.

Having reviewed quite a number of yachts over the years, I was truly impressed by SAY Carbon yachts.  The market of the centre console might change quite a lot in the future thanks to this German company. We are obviously looking forward to seeing such yacht in Florida & the Bahamas, their natural element.

Model credit:

Johannes Haller

Yeliz Koc

Carina Spack


Nicolas Saugnac



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