Sailor Miraculously Saved After 66 Days Lost At Sea

Sailor Miraculously Saved After 66 Days Lost At Sea

A sailor who’s been missing for more than 60 days was spotted off the coast of Cape Hatteras Thursday and brought to a Norfolk hospital.

Louis Jordan, 36, sat down with reporters at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital just after 12 a.m. Friday. He said the more than two months he spent stranded on the 35-foot sailboat Angel felt much longer. The whole time he said he begged God for water, to send rain, and rationed his food and energy.

“I rationed my water to where I had drunk about a pint a day. For such a long a time I was so thirsty. And I was almost out of water, and everyday I was like please God send me some rain, send me some water. Begging God, please. And finally right before I ran out of water, finally the conditions were perfect.” Jordan said.

Around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, the German container ship Houston Express contacted Coast Guard watchstanders in Portsmouth, saying they had taken aboard a man from a disabled sailboat 200 miles off the coast.

Jordan described seeing the ship Thursday. At first, he said he didn’t believe it was real. He sent it signals, but they didn’t see him until he started waving his arms.

“I saw a bigger boat and it had its back to me or front to me as far as I could tell and I waved my hands real slowly, and that’s the signal ‘I’m in distress help me.’ I blew my whistles. I had three whistles. They never heard them.” Louis Jordan said. “I turned my American flag upside down and put that up. That says, ‘rescue me.’ They never saw it. All they saw was this [hands].”  [via WAVY]

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