Aventure is the perfect gentleman yacht!

Aventure is the perfect gentleman yacht!

I believe that for yachtsmen sailing yachts are almost like women. They create this deep and beautiful emotional feeling. This is probably why we call a boat a “she”. Some yachts will give to the sailors this feeling of excitement, envy or admiration and some will give all of that. Aventure is one of these. When I first step aboard Aventure, I was stroke by her elegant line, her timeless design and incredible beauty. The extensive use of wood, classic look and traditional lines almost made me forgot that I was aboard a yacht built in 2011. I truly felt aboard a piece of history.

While being built as in the old days, she features most of the modern equipment. She is equipped with a complete hydraulic system to operate the winches, a 400HP engine and 2 generators to ensure power on board. While this is pretty standards on superyachts today, she is set apart by her traditional charm. She features multiples relaxing and sun bathing options for those who do not which to operate the yacht with the crew. The French speaking captain and very welcoming crew were a real pleasure on board, making you truly feel at home with an incredible service.


The yacht is currently located in Phuket, Thailand, which is probably one of the most beautiful destination to cruise aboard a superyacht today. While the region remains relatively unexplored by superyachts, it offers thousands of islands of great diversity. Diving enthusiast will be able to enjoy some of the most exceptional coral reef on the planet. A trip in the area is also a cultural experience, and an occasion to meet the primitive tribes of the Andaman Islands. At the end of your trip you will also be able to reconnect with civilization and enjoy the famous night life of Phuket, especially if you are here for the full moon.

South east Asia may be the perfect destination for your next vacation, in a very luxurious environment with yet the charm of a traditional gentleman’s yacht.





Vogage Thailande : Oct 13

Vogage Thailande : Oct 13

  • There are some restrictions about chartering from Thailand: One foreign vessel can take passengers from or to Phuket but the start or the end of the charter must happen involving a border crossing.



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