Rossinavi introduce a new bread of long range cruiser

Rossinavi introduce a new bread of long range cruiser

On Saturday the 18th of February 2017 at the Rossinavi facility in Pisa, located in the Navicelli Pisa yacht district where Rossinavi has in construction also the “M/Y Vector” and the “M/Y Prince Shark Evo”, the launch ceremony of the “M/Y Endeavour II” has taken place in the morning at 11:00 AM under a beautiful sunny sky.

Rossinavi Endeavour (2)
For this launch, the boat has been displayed on the travel lift with the bow toward the pier aiming to present the front of the vessel to its 300 guests. The ceremony has turned around the speeches of the Owner Family thanking the shipyard and the team involved in the boat construction.

Rossinavi Endeavour (3)

From Rossinavi side, Claudio Rossi (Rossinavi CEO) and Gabriele Zucconi (The Rossinavi’s Master Engineer and M/Y Endeavour II propulsion system Project Manager) opened the launch ceremony thanking the yacht Owner family. Mr. Claudio Rossi started his speech talking about the pleasure that has been for Rossinavi to build such an interesting vessel and the nice time spent with the owner project participation during the last two years.

Eng. Zucconi said: “Nomen Omen, the name is a presage”, recalling the essence of the first HM Bark Endeavour, the historical research ship, the peculiarity of what the Rossinavi’s Endeavour II is born for: long cruising.


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