Rockstar’s Party Crashed As 161′ Superyacht Gets Crushed By Bridge

Rockstar’s Party Crashed As 161′ Superyacht Gets Crushed By Bridge

Update (12/3/14) : Turns out the bridge failed and hit the boat not the other way around.  I said that below yesterday and even put it in bold print. However my headline choice “Rockstar Gets It Wrong Today As 161′ Superyacht Hits Bridge” jumped the gun on who was to blame. I apologize and updated the headline to more accurately reflect reality. 

Update (Wednesday 12/3/14) A 160 foot yacht in the waters near Bay Harbour Islands didn’t quite make it through a drawbridge and became temporarily lodged underneath Tuesday afternoon.The yacht, which had “Rockstar” on the side, was passing through the bridge on 125th Street when the bridge came down on the top part of the boat.

(Tuesday 12/2/14) A 161-foot mega-yacht caused a traffic jam after it crashed into a drawbridge on Biscayne Bay on Tuesday afternoon. The yacht, ROCKSTAR (ex BLIND DATE), struck a corner of a bridge on the Broad Causeway that connects North Miami to Bay Harbor Islands. Views from overhead showed a large hole had been created where the bridge had collapsed on top of the vessel. Fifteen people were on board the yacht at the time of the incident, although no injuries were reported. A tug boat arrived shortly after the incident and pulled the yacht away from the bridge. 

From this picture It’s not clear what happened here. To me it looks like the drawbridge fell? Perhaps the bridge failed and fell on the yacht? In any event it was a bad day for them.

There was a Lazzara 76 that we had to fix at the factory years ago because it slammed into one side of the drawbridge,  Except it hit at 20+ knots! Almost took the hardtop off the boat.

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Below are pictures and a video of ROCKSTAR when she was previously called BLIND DATE

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source: Miami News 6



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