Step aboard the Riviera 77

Step aboard the Riviera 77

The brief was simple for the Riviera 77: create the largest, most luxurious and technically advanced Riviera ever. For the international designers, engineers and craftspeople, it was an invitation to express their talent and creativity like never before – and they responded magnificently.

The creation of the new flagship was the opportunity to capitalise on decades of boat-building experience and the lessons learnt from having crafted over 5100 luxury vessels. The Riviera 77 Flybridge has also been developed at a facility that houses some of the world’s most sophisticated marine technology, including the latest Computer Assisted Design software.

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Craft of this calibre are clearly destined for the fortunate few – and typically those with very discerning tastes and a wealth of boat-ownership experience.

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The task of impressing those not easily impressed meant rigorously inspecting competing craft from all corners of the globe and simply, asking how could we do it better? With greater comfort, a better build, superior performance, more standard inclusions…

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