Rare Photo Of Steve Jobs Yacht Sets The Internet On Fire

Rare Photo Of Steve Jobs Yacht Sets The Internet On Fire

The interwebs is exploding today with articles of Steve Jobs superyacht VENUS. Specifically of a photo posted to an instagram account (see below) which some have taken to be the first photo of the inside of VENUS (not true, see photo #2 and 3 which were posted year+ ago). Some of the biggest websites are covering it CultOfMac, Gizmodo , CNN and Business Insider to name a few.

However there is no doubt that it is extremly rare to see interior photos of VENUS.  She is without a doubt the most widely watched superyacht and one that still remains unseen from the inside by the public. Even if we can catch a glimpse of her interior thanks to the extensive use of glass.

In the meantime enjoy the best photos of VENUS from around the web posted below, plus a couple videos of her pulling into port various ports


#venus seen 1.2.15 in Norman Island Bight #BVI

A photo posted by woodsholeinn (@woodsholeinn) on

Venus-stern-door-open-525x525 Steve_jobs_yacht_wheelhouse Late+Apple+co+founder+Steve+Jobs+yacht+named+EWJ7JD54XFnl Steve-Jobs-Feadship-yacht-Venus-bow-inside-interior-bw2Venus-close-up-700x525  Venus-minimalistic-design-700x525 SteveJobs_Venus_05 SteveJobs_Venus_06 Venus-reflection-700x525 SteveJobs_Venus_04 Venus-anchor-chain-room-hottub-cr-60pc-963x1024 FRANCE-YACHT-FEATURE Venus-02-big Venus-05-big Venus-03-big Venus-07-big Venus-04-big Venus-06-big Venus-yacht-night Venus-superstructure-700x525 Venus-front-crew-700x525 Wkipedia-Steve-Jobs-yacht-Venus-bw-35pc-800x491  Venus-anchor-port-side-700x525  barco-venus-steve-jobs Steve-Jobs-Yacht-Venus-Launches pic2-1 Venus-side-700x401



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