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Latest Episode – Episode 2 – An Owners Perspective On Owning And Operating A Yacht – Interview With Chris Heatley Owner Of 2016 40m/133′ Motor Yacht Serenity

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Today’s guest is Chris Heatley, Owner of 2016 40m/133’ SERENITY. Chris sits down with rising Youtube star Jared Watney to discuss what it’s like to own and operate a yacht. Everything from cost of ownership, to crew relations, even discussing how Chris made his wealth.

I came across the interview on Jared’s Youtube channel and it caught my attention so I contacted Jared and asked if I could release it in audio form. It’s one of the most informative interviews that I have heard and answers many questions that yacht owners and yacht buyers have previously asked me.

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In this episode of the Team Lazzara | Ocean of News podcast, your host, Rich Lazzara turns the show over to Jared Watney a rising Youtube star.  Jared sits down to interview Chris Heatley, Owner of the 40m/133’ motor yacht Serenity a 2016 IAG.

Jared and Chris start the conversation by discussing chartering. Serenity is currently for sale and charter.  They talk about many aspects of owning a yacht. Questions such as:

Do you make money or offset expenses chartering your yacht?

If you had to make money from chartering, could you?

What about charter vs owning a yacht?

What does it cost to operate a yacht?

What size boats have you owned?

How did you make your wealth?

What advice do you have for younger people trying to live their dreams?

What is the ideal size yacht?

What could you have improved on in building your yacht?

How do handle tips or bonuses for crew?

How do you manage the crew?

Do you walk around your yacht naked?


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Episode 1 – Are Online Boat Shows The Future? Interview With Chuck Cashman Chief Revenue Officer of Marine Max

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In this episode of the Team Lazzara | Ocean of News podcast, your host, Rich Lazzara sits with Chuck Cashman, the Chief Revenue Officer of Marine Max, to discuss the future of boat shows and the even that Chuck is launching, marketed as “The World’s Largest Online Used Boat Show.”

Rich and Chuck start the conversation by discussing Marine Max’s hosting of the world’s largest online used boat show. People go to boat shows because they like the experience. Keeping in mind the manner in which modern consumers shop today, focusing on the digital and the virtual and on their own time, it makes sense for Marine Max to host such shows.

With the virtual show, any one around the world can shop and choose from all the different categories of boats. As a reasonable investment, the online tool allows for people to see the inventory at a reduced price, on their time and this method reaches boaters everywhere. There’s also the ability to reserve the boat from Marine Max’s fleet. There will also be a chat feature where customers can ask for more than what directly catches the eye. The previous experience Chuck had with a similar show a while ago was very successful, selling 10 boats. The cost of doing virtual shows is minuscule in comparison to the physical ones, so it makes sense to develop this experience.

Chuck believes nothing will totally replace customer experience in a physical boat show. However, boat shows are proving to have less results, so digital is an area where Marine Max is able to recreate boat shows to provide customers better and updated experience. The virtual show will have an access of more than 300 boats and inventory that customers can see.


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