Plan an effortless refit with this game changing app

Plan an effortless refit with this game changing app

Marine Management Limited (MML) have announced the launch of a new web-based, app-driven tool that enables proactive, user friendly refit planning giving confidence to those operating within the charter market. Owner’s representative, Cameron Bray of Northrop & Johnson Australia, highlights the importance of precision refit planning in the charter market.

“With a superyacht charter billing out at hundreds of thousands of dollars per week, every additional week spent in a yard can have a significant economic impact,” says Bray. “We work very hard to ensure a charter schedule is fully maximised, and delays can have tremendous repercussions across the board. From relationships with owners and skippers to clients and suppliers, poor planning around refit is a recipe for disaster.”

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To address this, MML have launched The tool enables users to dynamically collect data and images to inform refit work as they walk through the yacht, acting as a shared portal and repository for all refit planning information. In addition there is an integrated messaging function that connects crew directly to MML for any queries they may have in relation to prospective work required.

“I can immediately see the benefits of,” says general manager of Gold Coast City Marina, Steve Sammes. “It puts everyone on the same page, wherever they are in the world, and whatever facility they are working from. Giving both owners and crew peace of mind that things will run smoothly, I think this product has been a long time coming and that the uptake will be fantastic.”

“MML’s extensive refit experience highlighted to us the requirement for a product such as this,” says MML’s business development manager Matt Liddell. “The App is not a stand-alone tool. It syncs with the website and supports real-time dynamic development of a yacht’s work package both on board and in partnership with MML’s project managers. There will always be a requirement for contingency in any refit. The unknown will always be unknown, but we believe this product will go a considerable way to reducing that unknown and assisting both the yacht’s crew and the shipyards in their resource, budget and schedule management. This will serve to ultimately maximise the asset (yacht or shipyard) and minimise any cost accrued.”

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The industry has responded positively to the launch of

“I can see huge potential in the development of as it addresses a key need in the industry for better planning around refit,” says captain Jonathan Edgar. “As a current charter yacht captain experienced in refit, I see tremendous value in using a tool that allows you to start planning early, acts as a single depository for information and by the nature of the interface, encourages you in a user friendly way to consider every aspect of the vessel in terms of refit. I fully intend to use on board the 41m new build I am soon to be captain of.”

With a decade of experience working on charter superyacht refits globally, Bay of Islands Marina’s marina manager Jason Chubb feels the app could “potentially cut refit time in half.” “I can see a real place for in the medium to megayacht end of the market. Having worked on large-scale refits like Seawolf and White Rabbit, I’m confident that using the app would significantly cut down the man hours required to estimate a job.” The chief engineer of a 46m sailing yacht says “I really like the layout of the app. I think it’s easy to use. If I was going into a refit that required an extended yard period, I would definitely consider going for MML.”

Yacht Refit MML App (1)

To view a demo click here
To trial the app, access the app store on your iPad, search for “refitplanner” and download the app.




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