Pilot landed Jet Fighter on a container ship!

Pilot landed Jet Fighter on a container ship!

Back in 1983, the NATO countries were taking part in exercises off the coast of Portugal. Two Sea Harrier VOTL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) took off from the “Illustrious” searching for a French naval carrier. One of them was an inexperienced pilot, a 25 years old sub lieutenant. Near the end of the flight the pilot turned on back again his instrument, getting out of the radio silence. He unfortunately did not catch any signals from the air craft carrier. He realized his fuel level was relatively low and resolved to eject near a container ship. After flying at low altitude to catch the attention of the ship, so they can rescue him, he realized the container were making a platform large enough to land. He successfully landed on the containers, later the plane started slipping to the rear.


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