One of the smallest Rossinavi: MY INSTANT

One of the smallest Rossinavi: MY INSTANT

An instant has an indefinable length. The idea of instantaneity seems to suggest a connection to littleness. An instant seems small. In common perception it is considered something measurable and perceivable in the dimension of human experience. Just like a grain of sand.
We could think of it as something of little importance, like a languid lack of fullness, never completely accomplished. And yet, even something like an instant, something so small, can become endlessly huge…

Instants, small things, tiny details… grains of sand… or in the same way a nail or a wheat grain… they all can carry an unbelievable, majestic, wide symbolic meaning.
The abstract thought dances along with the symbols the mind creates by observing the surrounding world.
Symbols complete on an ideal level the propelling ideas originating from the empirical matter.
Abstract and symbolic visions give meaning to what the eye, at first, geometrically perceives as smallness, or limitation… the aforementioned lack of fullness. So it is that a boat of modest dimensions as M/Y ISTANTE can originate great beauty, uniqueness, a sense of security and stability.

Rossinavi isn’t new to modern inventions retracing historical shipbuilding lines. M/Y Taransay, launched in 2015, is the most representative example: a stunning and anachronistic sight still impressed in the minds of guests at the Montecarlo Yacht Show.



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