A New Modern Twist On An Explorer Styled Yacht

A New Modern Twist On An Explorer Styled Yacht

Its an interesting design.  Aesthetically its a modern twist on the old trawlers or explorer type designs.  Obviously with a cruising speed of 26 knots though thats where the companions to an explorer

Like the larger Oceanic Yachts models, the 76’ benefits from Canados’ unique “Displaning” stepped hull that allows running the vessel at low speed in total comfort with reduced fuel consumption. This hull concept still allows running the boat at planning speeds from 26 to 30 knots depending on the power package selected by the client.

Twin Caterpillar C18 Acert developing 1,150 HP, which allows for cruising speeds from 16 to 20 knots and a maximum speed of 25 knots, powers the first model. The Oceanic 76’ offers – exceptional outdoor spaces both on the aft deck and the oversized flying bridge entirely protected by its wing shaped hardtop.

The entire superstructure is made of Kevlar/Aramat to increase stability by reducing the center of gravity to the maximum.

Equipped with a Seakeeper 16 gyro stabilization system, the Oceanic 76’ will stay side to a 2 meter swell without roll allowing guests to comfortably have lunch on the flying bridge.

The all new Oceanic 76’ GT is available in either 3 or 4 cabin versions (all on the lower deck) and two different main deck versions with either a fully enclosed galley to the front or an open American styled galley aft. The later opens both on the main saloon and aft deck which is an essential area of life onboard with its open-air dining table and its vast U shaped saloon. The tender garage hosts a 3,20 meter tender while the standard hydraulic swimming platform allows to carry a three- seat PWC or a 4-meter tender. [Via Canados]

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