A new “Green” yacht design from Sabdes Design

A new “Green” yacht design from Sabdes Design

The latest design from Sabdes Design is an highly efficient motoryacht entirely customizable at the owner wishes. “This is a symbolic color of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude” stated Sabdes Design.

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“On a recent stay in the Netherlands I conceived ideas for a new design. Spending some time visiting and discussing with yards and brokers gave me a clearer sense of what elements to include; Efficient hullform and propulsion, long and strong lines, minimal detailing, simplicity of build, large glass surfaces, interconnected indoor / outdoor spaces, and subtle styling features, all merging together seamlessly. The decision was made to offer options for her superstructure styling and hullform to show how easily the design can mix up elements changing the look anywhere from classic to more state of the art. Whichever options for her hull and styling are chosen by owners, these yachts will be unique to their builder” stated Scoot Blee

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