Miami Vice Scarab Boat For Sale At $20M!

Miami Vice Scarab Boat For Sale At $20M!

You can now buy the original Miami Vice boat at an incredible price of $20m!  For that price though you do get a “free” Daytona Spider with it as well.  The Daytona Spiders for the Miami Vice series were actually modified Corvettes but it is a collectible none the less.  I mean look God bless him for asking that price. Obviously he won’t get any deal done at that number but all he needs is one guy obsessed with the 80’s TV show and many millions to burn.  In case you were interested in just what $20m could buy you check out this amazing yacht for sale from Mangusta.

“Owning the original Miami Vice boat has been a lifelong dream and it’s an honor to own such a powerful international status symbol,” Martino said. “But it is time for the original Miami Vice boat to go to a new home, maybe to a studio such as HGTV, Universal Studios, Vin Diesel, an art museum, casino, sports figure, even a fortune 500 company that will greatly benefit from the 30 years plus of branding or someone who just is a die-hard fan of Miami Vice.”

But the worth of such a legendary, beautiful vessel is a mystery. Unlike collectible cars of which there are hundreds, the only boat that comes to mind is the original Miami Vice filming boat, by far the most recognizable boat in the world.

“It is hard to put a value on such an iconic collector’s piece,” Martino said. “I view this as priceless and irreplaceable. It’s unique, and highly collectible, a true masterpiece. It’s definitely a Picasso of boats, so we’ve priced it at $20 million on eBay.” All offers will be welcomed.

Martino will give away the very last Miami Vice Daytona built by renown car builder Carl Roberts.

“That would be a fun two-for-one, wouldn’t it?” Martino said. “I’d be willing to do that; if someone bought the boat, I’d throw the Daytona in free. They really need to stay together.”

“We all remember Don Johnson playing Detective Sonny Crockett on the show,” Martino said. “Some lucky person will carry the Miami Vice legacy with pride of ownership. There’s 30 years of branding behind the original Miami Vice filming boat, which became a household name and a character in the movie.” [via iconic]



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