The KORMARAN K7 is a million dollar dream machine

The KORMARAN K7 is a million dollar dream machine

The K7 is combining the advantages of the known classes of boats with comfort and safety – transforming from an elegant, stable multi-purpose day-boat to a sunbathing island. “The KORMARAN K7 is a real eye-catcher, technologically unmatched, promising a thrilling experience”, describes Dr. Oliver Kormann, inventor, founder and owner of KORMARAN.

In developing the K7, KORMARAN has combined Formula 1, aviation and America´s Cup technology, using innovative high-tech materials. This ultimate transformable vessel is an exquisite feature of design, engineering, comfort and safety. Depending on the chosen configuration, with engine performance ranging up to 900 hp, the KORMARAN K7 reaches speeds of up to 50 kn (90 km/h) in its powerboat configuration and near to 40 kn (70 km/h) in the hydrofoil configuration.

“The K7 First Edition is a high-end luxury product, manufactured with the highest super sports car automotive quality standards, in a limited edition of only 50 personalized masterpieces. It is also a state of the art in cutting edge technology and a statement of today’s possibilities in design and styling without compromising customer´s desires and demands.” says Oliver Kormann.


Depending on the chosen configuration and personalization the value of the K7 ranging from € 1.2 Mio. up to € 2.5 Mio. Every single KORMARAN K7 will be an unique diamond, aiming to full-fill the owner´s wishes. The production of sold vessels has already started and first deliveries will take place in spring 2017.

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