The most exclusive aerial show aboard yachts!

The most exclusive aerial show aboard yachts!

Transform your event into unforgettable celebrations, bringing the magic of circus and high quality service aboard your yacht! Iara Franco is an acclaimed international performer specializing in the art of Circus with unique acts such as; Silks, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Rope and Flying Trapeze. A fluid, graceful and gravity- defying woman also with a large range of service experience in the Yachting Industry.

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Service in the Air – Acro Entertainment transforms your deck into an arena of unforgettable art, by using a captivating circus touch… allowing you to experience something completely different, above and beyond the expectations of your guests. Experience the magic of the theatre brought straight to your exotic location.

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In addition to Iara’s remarkable circus performances… her Brazilian background incorporates a variety of different rhythms from Brazil such as Samba and Capoeira… dances that she loves to teach to her audience to experience the authentic style from her homeland… a great way to liven up the party!

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Optimise your Yachting equipment to create an event that will amaze your guests. Service in the Air – Acro Entertainment ensures that all logistical, technical, artistic and sensory aspects of your event are handled professionally and impeccably. The only technical requirement is already on board. Use your crane to install all the easily transportable equipment and totally modify the ambience of your vessel.

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Refined and personalised service custom designed, exclusively for you and your guests. Services include event design, organisation, presentation and interaction with your guests.



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