Get This New 58′ Open Express Yacht At Blowout Pricing

Get This New 58′ Open Express Yacht At Blowout Pricing

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LOCATION: Ready To Be Shipped 


OVERVIEW: From the Azimut website: The Azimut Atlantis 58 offers Superior comfort and exciting performance. Stern sunbathing area, transformable dinette, chaise lounge, mobile bar, and swimming platform with a front row seat on the sea, for exclusive relaxation. With speeds of up to 40 knots, to experience the excitement of a true piece of sports equipment. Below deck, total freedom. Media room, third cabin, open space, or a gym? The Boat owner can choose their preferred layout within an overall design whose organization and furnishings have been designed down to the last detail. Flagship suite. For the leader of the Atlantis Collection, sporty style merges with Italian elegance. The result is superior comfort, with airy, light-filled spaces, and a sophisticated design.

BOTTOM LINE: The Azimut Atlantis 58 retails for $1.6m This is an opportunity to get one for much less. Click HERE to have more information emailed to you or call Rich Lazzara at +1.813.362.4488

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