The quietest superyacht ever built: GENESI – WIDER 150

The quietest superyacht ever built: GENESI – WIDER 150

The all aluminum, 47 meters superyacht WIDER 150 with diesel electric propulsion system, obtains highest possible rating for the RINA Comfort Class Certification. It is also the first time that a perfect score of 100/100 has ever been awarded.

This is the first yacht to obtain a perfect score for levels of sound and vibration with the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) and will hold a class notation of “COMF (Y) 100,100”.

The comfort onboard the WIDER 150 not only means the absence of noise and vibration, but also low fuel consumption and therefore greater range, reduced emissions, greater maneuverability, increased safety and reliability thanks to added redundancy, the intelligent use of space on board to maximize guest areas and an innovative link between indoor and outdoor spaces, particularly within the beach club to facilitate direct contact with the sea.



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