The Future Of Underwater Fun Is This Personal Submarine

The Future Of Underwater Fun Is This Personal Submarine

If this actually goes into production then it is going to be a really fun toy to have on superyachts.

For keen divers, getting to spend as long under water as possible is the dream. But the reality is that perhaps half of a dive will be spent lugging on your equipment and getting to and from the dive spot, instead of exploring it.

This could all change soon, however, as a new ‘personal submarine’ enters the market. The machine will take divers to the waters’ depths faster (11 knots) than ever before, meaning that they can spend more time under the water exploring.

And far from being just a concept idea, prototypes of the submersible has already been tested under the waters. [via DailyMail]


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Proudly introducing a luxurious yet accesible maritime commodity.

Ortega Submersibles has redefined a revolutionary way of underwater travel by using highly advanced naval technology.

Powered by two high-power, electric motors and constructed for both over and under water activity, fully equipped with a trimming tank, on-board breathing apparatus and HUD navigation system, each vessel can also have Magnetometers, Sonar, FLIR, extra air supply or an extended cargo hold of up to 250 liters; all on-board equipment supports dive depths of up to 95 metres / 310 feet.

The Ortega Submersibles Mk. 1C is an ergonomic, multi-purpose submersible vessel of the highest quality in modern Dutch engineering.





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