Feadship unveils two new 112′ superyachts!

Feadship unveils two new 112′ superyachts!

Last month Feadship launched Hull 692, this week they unveiled her two sister-ships. To set them apart from the first launched, this two new yachts are finished with a white hull. This yachts are the first of a series of five, designed by De Voogt Naval Architects. They are also the smallest projects the yards accepted to be involved with for years, but, as their CEO mentioned, who are they to say no? (just one of the greatest yacht builder in the world).


Our research established that, while building such a custom yacht was indeed possible, it would only be economically viable for the client if we built three of them to the same design template. Turning normal market dynamics on their head, we therefore agreed to our client’s proposal as long as he could introduce two more clients who would like to order one of these unique Feadships while, of course, having flexibility in terms of the interior.”


The superyacht owners’ community is a tight knit one, however, news spread among them of these super innovative projects,” continues De Vries. “Before long another client contacted Feadship to say he would like to have something similar, albeit a metre longer. And the same process recently played out with another owner who also twisted our arm to build the fifth and final one. Every owner with a vision for the exceptional is welcome at Feadship.”

Photos by SYT



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