The Esense of a sailboat by Wally

The Esense of a sailboat by Wally

Esense is the 43-meter (143-fot) high-performance sloop characterized by the innovative design both on deck and below deck, combining vintage and contemporary concepts. This superyacht features the lines of Tripp Design and the interiors of Odile Decq. The exterior and interiors are developed following the Wally concept of inside-outside living areas, whereas the interiors open onto the exteriors and vice versa. The stern features the so-called Terrace on the sea: a 21 sqm (226 sqft) area at sea level. The deck is characterized by the bulwark that represents an innovation for a contemporary yacht but in fact it is derived from the vintage large yachts. As a result, the hull lines remain pure while the deck offers more privacy and protection. Furthermore, the deck layout recalls a city loft building: it is a continuous uncluttered area, like an open cockpit 43.70 meters (143 feet) long. Esense has a very aggressive look, similar to a huge America’s Cup boat, but at the same time it offers great comfort because the whole deck can be used (almost 180 sqm – 2,000 sqft).



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