Egoist is the essence of superyacht design!

Egoist is the essence of superyacht design!

Philippe Brind introduced its latest design Egoist, a 30m sailing yacht, designed only to meet the fantasy and dreams of an owner.

“At a time when many yachts are designed to satisfy the ‘masses’ – from the charter guest to the potential buyer – the artistic direction can become misguided and the originality of the design diluted. The outcome: the essence of why the yacht is being built is in danger of getting lost. Egoist is the antidote to this’ she has been designed purely to satisfy the needs and enjoyment of the owner.” 

She is designed to be “a pure pleasure for the owner, not bowing the demands or tastes of anyone else. The concept of Egoist is to become an owner’s self-indulgent fantasy; it should be the yacht that they have always dreamed of owning.”

Egoist (1) Egoist (2)



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