Dunia Baru is the ultimate traditional superyacht!

Dunia Baru is the ultimate traditional superyacht!

Dunia Baru, which means “New World” in Indonesian, is an amazing phinisi style super yacht. She offers her guests beautiful adventure throughout the Indonesian Archipelago, and recently Myanmar. The majestic traditional yacht is probably one of the most unique Indonesian built. She will carry on style her guests to the most remote and secluded creaks, enchanting and inspiring hearts. In a more adventurous spirit Dunia Baru will take you to the Amsat Tribes in Papua, the whale hunters of Alor, Raja Ampat, the holy grail of diving, and the dragons of Komodo.


She is exceptionally designed, and integrate a vast array of high-tech features. Many parts of the yacht are hand crafted, which explains a built time of 8 years. Such a dedication and attention to details is normally seen only in Netherlands based yards. She truly is a world class yacht.


The yacht accommodate 16 crew to take care of the guests. This proud crew cherish their guests as hospitality is a tradition to them. Dunia Baru is truly a paradise on earth!

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