Discover the life of a Yacht Stewardess!

Discover the life of a Yacht Stewardess!

The life of a superyacht crew isn’t always simple. Getting a job in this industry can be challenging. Recently a new blog surfaced to help future or actual crew understand a bit more this lifestyle. Discover the life of a luxury yacht crew with The Yacht Stewardess:

I am Sabrina Nogueira, a Brazilian native, who became a world traveller in 2013 when I decided to live and work on a luxury yacht as am Stewardess.


A while ago I started an instagram account focused on my life on board the yacht I was working on. It is quite new for us Brazilians the idea of having a job on board a yacht, so I thought that would be a good idea to share my life with my family and friends through pictures.

What I did not expect was to get people around the world contacting me daily through inbox asking questions like, how I got the job, which courses they should do, which path did I chose, best places to look for job… questions about everything related to yachting.


At first, I replied one by one. And that was when I realised that most of the questions were the same, so instead of answering them all like I was doing, I could perhaps start writing a blog telling a bit about my life on board a yacht and try to help all those people.

Basically, this blog is the result from a desire to share my life with those who dream of knowing the world. My goal has never been and never will be to show that what I do is better or worse than anyone, whether in my career or in my personal life. My desire is to inspire people to go in search for what they love. It’s to encourage them to leave behind all the “what ifs” and look for what makes their eyes sparkle.

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I might not have much experience and I know I do have a lot to learn, but nothing will stop me from sharing my stories and my knowledge with everyone. After all, I’m here to learn just as much as they are.”

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