Cruise aboard the 180′ Amels, La Famila, in Komodo

Cruise aboard the 180′ Amels, La Famila, in Komodo

The Owner of the 55-metre (180 ft) AMELS superyacht La Famila and guests recently spent a week discovering the exceptional natural beauty of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. Captain Mike Rouse shares his experience of cruising this remote region while providing the highest levels of luxury service and accommodation.


Since delivery from the Dutch luxury yacht builder AMELS in May 2015, La Famila has voyaged more than 16,000 nautical miles. “We are working our way east, cruising new and exciting destinations,” the Captain says. “The Owner is thoroughly enjoying the yacht and spends a considerable amount of time on board relaxing with family and friends.” From the Singapore superyacht hub at Sentosa Cove, the AMELS Limited Editions yacht has been exploring the wonders of Southeast Asia, including Komodo National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Famous for its ‘Komodo Dragon’ lizards reaching up to 3 metres (10 ft) in length, the park also offers dramatic island volcanoes, beautiful blue waters and pristine white sandy beaches. However, its remote location means it remains an exclusive destination.

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For divers, the park is one of the world’s most exciting spots – right in the centre of the so-called Coral Triangle, a concentration of the richest marine biodiversity on Earth. The blue, warm water with coral reefs, huge schools of fish, and geo thermal activity from live volcanoes make everyday a breathtaking dive adventure – topped by the ultimate moment of diving with a large group of Manta rays.

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Helicopter operations unmissable

Reaching the park from the nearest private jet facility means a 150 nautical mile helicopter flight. “The ability to use the helicopters made this trip achievable,” the Captain says. “Helicopter operations might be a nice-to-have in the Mediterranean, but here they are unmissable.” For private helicopter operations, LA FAMILIA has a helipad forward on Sun Deck above the wheelhouse with structural reinforcement to easily and safely handle aircraft with up to 2-tonne take-off weight. The AMELS helipad has been proven on yachts around the world. “The crew can set up within 10 minutes. It couldn’t be easier, it’s very good. The heli rails that fold out work really well.”

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