The real Batboat is here!

The real Batboat is here!

Alpha Centauri recently launched it’s first prototype of this new model of yachts, that we can name the batboat! She is designed as a superyacht tender with the speed of a racing boat thanks to an hydroplaning hull and a catamaran design. Measuring 8.3 meter she will however only fit the largest superyacht. She can accomodate up to 4 guests in four stylish leather seats. While the comfort remains minimalist the top speed is certainly not. The yacht can reach up to 60 knots thanks to a monstrous 750hp engine.  “It’s impractical, woefully inefficient and terrifying,” says the British company, and this is maybe why you should buy it. This is a boat that will make you feel something, whether it’s fear or excitement, far from being boring as other superyacht tenders can be…

batboat-4 batboat-2 batboat-1 batboat-5



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