This Baltic sailing superyacht, MY Song, can reach over 30 knots!

This Baltic sailing superyacht, MY Song, can reach over 30 knots!

Baltic Yachts combines with Reichel/Pugh, Nauta Design and MCM project management to produce one of the most remarkable state of the art, all carbon superyachts ever launched. My Song is not only the latest high performance, genuine multi-role super sailing yacht to be launched by Baltic Yachts, but she also benefits from a plethora of new ideas taking the cruiser/racer genre to a new level. She oozes innovation!


With naval architecture and engineering by San Diego-based Reichel/Pugh, stunning interior, exterior and conceptual design by Nauta Design and project management by Nigel Ingram of MCM, My Song was launched on time and completed sailing trials successfully in Finland before heading for the Mediterranean.

Planing speed of almost 30 knots
Based on a stiff, lightweight carbon/Corecell composite hull with Nomex cored bulkheads throughout, Baltic 130 My Song was built in a split hull mould enabling more accurate construction, easier access and, in turn, a faster build-time. Her plumb stem and wide after sections have evolved from grand prix maxi racer shapes to provide a fast, stable, comfortable ride whether racing or cruising.


Her average cruising speed of 16.5 knots and almost 30 knots when planing in full competitive mode are velocity prediction figures indicating she will be one of the fastest yachts of her type in the world.


Reaching these goals took 18 months of multiple hull performance study by Reichel/Pugh using computational fluid dynamics and advanced velocity prediction programs. They worked closely with North Sails to perfect the match between hull shape, appendages and sail design.


Nauta’s Mario Pedol said: “The team is proud to have designed, engineered and built this spectacular yacht for an owner who is both a very experienced yachtsman and a very loyal client and friend. The team designed and engineered the deck, interior and hull for top performance with no compromise on comfort or aesthetics using lightweight materials and innovative construction methods. All of us are very happy with My Song.”

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