Ask Me Anything – Yacht Owner Interview

Ask Me Anything – Yacht Owner Interview


Jared Watney is a Superyacht captain turned full-time YouTuber.  He makes some of the best videos of what its really like to be on a yacht.  Not like that fake Below Deck TV show crap. In this episode he interviews Chris Heatley owner of Serenity a 40m IAG.  Jared asks and Chris answers a bunch of great questions, like costs of ownership, should you charter, how to deal with crew, how do you make enough money to buy a yacht, and many more.

Chris is a good friend of mine as well. We built two Lazzara Yachts for him and the family.  Im sure you will find this interview as informative and funny as I did.

Oh and go sign up for Jared Watney Youtube channel HERE, its really good stuff.



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