The amazing 282′ Aquila arriving in IBIZA!

The amazing 282′ Aquila arriving in IBIZA!

AQUILA is the largest yacht yet to be refitted in the UK, and the scope of the work undertaken included an impressive revitalisation of all five deck levels, as Adrian Tinkler, Fleet Technical Manager at Burgess, explains: “To facilitate the extent of design and technical changes required, the interiors on AQUILA needed to be stripped back to bulkheads across most areas. The team completely updated the social spaces, modernised technical systems and lighting, and restyled the boat across an area of over 750m2, the scale of which was unprecedented by any of the suppliers in such a short time period. Thanks to efficient planning and collaboration between the many hundreds of people involved at each stage of the design, specification and execution phases, the team delivered on time, a truly remarkable rebirth of this beautiful yacht.”

Aquila Pendennis Refit (2) Aquila Pendennis Refit (4)



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