Another Great White Shark Enters Divers Cage

Another Great White Shark Enters Divers Cage

For the second time in a week we see a Great White Shark enter a divers cage. You can see the first one here. In both incidents no one was hurt. Still Im not cage diving with Great Whites anytime soon.

Diving at Guadalupe Island- While I was in the other submersible cage, this shark, which seemed aggressive early on, just casually swims up and bites the shark cage’s air supply, getting a mouthful of air. As soon as this happens, our cage has half the supply we had, and breathing becomes labored through the entire event. While the divemaster is switching to the alt air supply for his cage, the shark decides to dive down into the cage with 3 other divers. It then wedges itself into the cage. The divemaster shoots to the top to alert the boat that there is a problem all while one of the biggest sharks we’ve seen comes to check out what’s going on. The cage is raised and the divers have to exit next to the shark. The captain and crew decide to tie a rope around the sharks tail and lower the cage, essentially holding the shark in place and popping the shark out! The shark swims away. Luckily no one was hurt, including the shark. [via Youtube – Peter Maguire]



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