This 751′ Superyacht Design Inspired The Most Insane Yacht Of 2014

This 751′ Superyacht Design Inspired The Most Insane Yacht Of 2014

This was the design that was used as inspiration for the new series of Palmer Johnson Supersport Yachts, which should easily be 2014 design of the year.  You can read about my feelings on the design here. In short its bad ass!

Chulhun Park’s ‘Floating Entertainment Hub’ is a 229m-long yacht designed for wealthy sea-goers.

Sponsored by the Palmer Johnson Group – a luxury yacht building company based in Wisconsin, USA – Park intended the concept to be a cultural public space complete with theatres, lounges and restaurants.

The yacht concept employs a deconstructivist design language and features a trimaran hull, which enables greater stability and efficiency as well as greater possibilities for the exterior design.

“The main theme was to create floating architecture to be used by everyone,” said Park.

The Floating Entertainment Hub is massive ocean mall, and Park’s model – complete with intricate detailing on the vast top deck – was a well conceived project at this year’s show.


park-floating-entertainment-hub-06 park-floating-entertainment-hub-07 park-floating-entertainment-hub-04 park-floating-entertainment-hub-05 chulhun-park-rca12-5930 chulhun-park-rca12-115 chulhun-park-rca12-6131 chulhun-park-rca12-6129 chulhun-park-rca12-5928 park-floating-entertainment-hub-03 park-floating-entertainment-hub-02 park-floating-entertainment-hub-01-1source: Formtrends




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