5 of the most elegant yachts

5 of the most elegant yachts

For each of us elegance is different. Some us like the roughness of explorer yachts when other like the traditional aspect of classic yachts. Sailors like the discreet and quiet aspect of sailing, when power boater like the prestige and power of a sport yachts. But even though you are a sailor we can appreciate the line of a power boat and vice versa. This is what this five boats have in common. Whoever you are, where ever you are from, you will always find this yachts elegant. Each of them have this “Je ne sais quoi” which make a great yacht.

Displacement: Grace E

Philippe Briand rough exterior line provide with a sensation of strength and power. This expedition yacht look and feel exactly what she was built for. The interior design is timeless and comfortable, sleeping up to 12 guest. The yacht was multi awarded at Show Boat Design Award.

Classic yacht: Wisp:

Wisp is a magnificent example of revivalist naval architecture by Hoek Design with interior architecture by Rhoades Young Design that fulfills her owner’s brief for a supremely comfortable cruising yacht that may also indulge in some ‘gentleman’s racing’.

Sport yacht: Lazzara 95

The Lazzara LSX92 has more new thinking and more innovative features than any express yacht of any size. She was the first yacht ever designed to utilize four of Volvo’s revolutionary IPS drives. The performance of this Quad installation surpassed even our most ambitious expectations. The joystick alone changed yacht handling.

Racer: Wally Angel’s Share

The 127.95ft /39m sail yacht, custom built in 2009 by Wally and last refitted in 2010. This luxury vessel’s sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Javier Soto Acebal. Previously named Dream her luxurious interior was designed by Wally and her exterior styling is by Javier Soto Acebal.

Express cruiser: Riva Iseo

Riva represent exactly what being a gentleman means. This small 27’ towable boat is the Rolls Royce of the express cruiser. With features like the water jet propulsion or the Apple software, it makes of the Iseo the first boat in its category. The finest exterior line and the wood deck give to this boat a traditional aspect. The modern technology is perfectly integrated to create a timeless sensation.



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