5 things you didn’t know about US Aircraft Carriers

5 things you didn’t know about US Aircraft Carriers

1 – Underway an aircraft carrier, Nimitz-class can carry up to 90 combat aircraft. It may not seems impressive however while the US military count over 14,000 aircraft, most of the countries do not even possess 90 combat aircraft.

2 – While we usually imagine the WWII aircraft carrier in the pacific two of them were station in the Great Lakes, as training ship: the USS Sable and Wolverine. President George H. W. Bush qualified on the sable as well as 17,800 other pilots.

3 – The USS Theodore Roosevelt is the fourth Nimitz Class, and the first to be built through modular construction.  This process allowed to build her saving 16 months and now every aircraft carrier is built this way.


4 – World War II saw the sinking of twelve of the US Navy aircraft carrier to enemy action. Some of this ships were succesfully restored and later continued the war participated in the raid over Saipan and Guam such as the USS Hornet.



5 – For over forty years the US Navy operated the largest aircraft carriers in the world. The Nimitz Class Supercarrier are over 1,092 feet long and are over 20 stories high. The newest Gerakd R. Ford will be even slightly bigger, with a full load displacement of 100,00 tons.



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