The 160′ Elsa ran aground in the Caribbean

The 160′ Elsa ran aground in the Caribbean

One of the most important yacht disaster this year concerns the 48.5 meter superyacht Elsa. The classic motor yacht Elsa ran aground in Saba, near Ladder Bay. As the yacht can carry up to 41.000 liters of fuel many efforts were deployed to salvage the yacht. During the incident no one was injured, even during the salvage operations. The yacht is the second to run aground this last months in Saba, after a sailing yacht did the exact same just a few hundred meters away. Elsa was refloated on March 18 ad is now heading for a needed refit after the accident.

The authorities ensured that all measures will be taken immediately to minimize risk to mariners in Saba’s designated anchorages. All moorings will be re-inspected to affirm their stability and to quickly spot and exchange damaged lines, as vessels may unintentionally run over them in choppy waters, which may not be noticed by skippers.
Furthermore, additional patrols by the Marine Park Rangers will be scheduled, to assist arriving yachters and to ensure that their boats are safely secured to the moorings. Also, new communication materials will be produced to inform yachters about proper mooring procedures and precautionary provisions in advance.



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