When your 100′ superyacht goes up in smoke

When your 100′ superyacht goes up in smoke

Limitless, a 30m long Hagrave cusom yacht caught fire near the British Virgin Islands. On March 6 just of the coast of the heaven like islands an incident aboard seemed to have started a massive fire. Fortunately enough, all men and women aboard were able to escape via tender prior to the situation turned to a disaster. The yacht was completely burned and is a total loss.

Yacht fire

The Virgin Island Search and Rescue explained to the local publications: “The salvage company is at the location. He is doing his best, but the vessel is pretty well gone, based on my honest assessment so far.” Philippe Aspinall.

The all GRP yacht was built by Hagrave in 2005, with accommodation for 8 guests and 5 crews.



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