10 Superyacht Tender Garage’s That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

10 Superyacht Tender Garage’s That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

This past week superyacht J’ADE has made the rounds for her ingenious boat house/tender garage arrangement. While impressive it certainly isn’t the only one I’ve seen.  One of the most important features of a superyacht is the tender and toy garage.  It’s the area of a superyacht that will carry the toys, boats and other items which make the yacht what its was meant to be…fun!  A superyacht garage not only requires a bit of creativity but also endless engineering.  This area will be used for for storage as well as access to the water for owner and guests. After all that’s why we boat, to be close to the water.

So with that in mind here is the list of the top 10 superyacht tender garages:

10. KANGA | 86′ (26m) | Wally 

While the Wally is not a superyacht and is the smallest yacht in the bunch the innovative mid ship tender garage allows you to put a much larger tender in the space than is typical of an 86′ yacht. It also allows the transom of the yacht, where tenders typically go,  to remain completely open so the owners suite has an unit erupted view of the water.





9. BIG FISH | 147′ (45M) McMullen & Wing

In order to store the tender BIG FISH utilizes an area on the yacht that many yachts don’t, the foredeck. The floor raises up so that underneath the tender garage can be revealed.  This leave the entire back of the yacht open for maximum water access and once the tender is deployed the flooring retracts back level with the foredeck so that the area can be used for sunbathing.

BigFish   Big Fish

8. CAKEWALK | 280′ (85.6m) | Derecktor New York

The largest yacht ever built in the USA has an incredible tender garage capable of holding multiple tenders and toys.


7. CHOPI CHOPI | 200′ (50m) | CRN

The combination of moving the tender garage slightly forward and adding an aft beach bar lounge give CHOPI CHOPI an advantage of many yacht this size.  Again the aft end of the yacht is designed to perfection for maximum entertainment and sunbathing capability.



6. AL MIRQAB | 436′ (133M) | Kusch Yachts


Al mirquib

5. A | 390′ (119m) | Blohm & Voss

Certainly the most unique superyacht of the bunch, she was designed by Philpe Stark, who also famously designed Steve Jobs superyacht VENUS.  The Aft garage on A is huge.  However that’s not the only reason she listed. A comes complete with two custom tenders, also designed by Stark, that are as unique as the superyacht is herself.

a_2 A

A tenders


4. SERENE | 439′ (133M) | Fincantieri Yachts

A massive yacht with multiple tender garages, multiple beaches and a huge aft garage superyacht SERENE has it all.  Recently made famous for have charter guest Bill Gates aboard this yacht in not only massive in scale but at $5m/week is massive in price.


serene1 serene2 serene3


3. J’ADE | 196′ (60m) | CRN

jade1 jade2 jade3

2. PEGASUS V | 257′ (78m) | Royal Denship

It’s really hard not to make PEGASUS #1.  The integration of tender garage and beach bar still has yet to be duplicated, even though this yacht was designed over a decade ago.  The ability to pull the tender into the garage and step off to the beach bar is incredible. Not to mention everything is open and really feels more like a boat house than a tender garage.





1. OCTOPUS | 414′ (126m) | Lurssen

Paul Allen, of Microsoft, made this yacht famous when it launched in 2003 at a price of $200m.  The garage on this superyacht is monumentally is scope and size.  It houses the usual tender, toys, jet skis and what not. However the tender, which really isn’t a tender, is 63 feet in length and is stored in the garage!  In addition to all that it has TWO submarines, one remote controlled and the other manned.  Hands down the winner of the best superyacht garage goes to OCTOPUS.

Octopus octopussub


While the video isn’t terribly exciting you get a view of the 63′ tender.




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